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Unique Flooring Ideas

If your building your home or redesigning a room, you may have decided you’d like something unique or special. You don’t have to be an eccentric to enjoy creating a space unique to you, that nobody else has.

The flooring is one of those areas where you can set your room apart from all others. It can assist in setting the mood for the room, and entirely alter what the final project looks like. Below we have listed a few unique flooring ideas which you may want to incorporate.

1: Going the old-fashioned route: Random width flooring was a popular flooring type during the 18th century which creates a rustic, rugged appearance like you’d find in an old farmhouse. Not many hoes utilize this anymore as it has become vastly underappreciated.

2: Bold, Colorful: Most floors are either hardwood of dark or light brown or carpeting in a neutral color. If you’d like to set your room apart, why not simply opt for a bolder, colorful path? One room where this would be particularly appreciated is your children’s room. Let them choose their favorite color, and either paint the wood or choose carpeting in this color.

3: Duality: You can create a unique space by using hardwood flooring and accent rugs together. The flooring can be painted, stained, or plain. The accent rugs can be complementing or contrasting. The options are virtually limitless, meaning you can create a wide variety of different spaces with this singular decorating method.

Random width

4: Combo materials: There is nothing that states you must use the same flooring throughout the whole room. In fact, using two diverse types of flooring can help separate multi-purpose rooms. Examples include a living area or kitchen with a dining section, or when children share the same room.